Take a Hike Foundation – 13th Annual Moonlight Snowshoe

Snowshoe trips are awesome. They are cold. They are pretty. They get us into nature. Charity events are awesome too. They raise money for great causes in order to make this world a better place. How about combining the two? This is what I want to talk to you about.

As mentioned in my post, 2019 – A Year for Doing More Good, Better, on February 21st I am taking part in a night time snowshoe trip with Maelys and her colleagues on Mount Seymour, Vancouver’s North Shore. I am doing this to raise money for Take a Hike Foundation. Take a Hike, based in BC, is a full-time alternative high-school programme that uses the outdoors and adventure to engage vulnerable youth in school, community and mental health supports. They provide full-time clinical counselors in each classroom to help students overcome barriers so they can achieve social and academic success, leading to high-school graduation.

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This is an important cause for me as it brings together 2 areas of my life that I think is so important. Children rely upon adults to do what’s best for them and unfortunately not everyone is in the position to do that. That isn’t the kids fault but they suffer as a result. With the work that Take a Hike do, it gets children the help they need to become healthy adults who can succeed in life, whatever that may be.


As for the outdoors and adventure, I love it. It brings me joy because it’s beautiful and it can be challenging. It’s something that I can share with the people I love and it helps me grow as a person each time. I’m usually the most proud at the end of a hike, whilst hunkered in the tent after a day of hiking that at the time felt like we wouldn’t make, or because we were lucky enough to spot some wildlife. Because of this I can see the benefit that this will have to children. A by-product of this is also getting children into nature. With Take a Hike, it could be the first time some of these children take a step into the forest. And that is special. Not only does it help them, but it helps build a relationship with the planet and the environment. They are our future so getting kids involved is super important.


So, when Maelys showed me the Snowshoe Trip earlier this year, I couldn’t help but want to get involved. The thing is, she came across it in summer, so we’d obviously have to wait for winter. As with a lot of things, I’m sad to say that over time this had dropped off my radar and I’d forgotten about it. Maelys of course, hadn’t. Fast forward 6 months and I have an invite to join Maelys’ work team for the snowshoe trip. AWESOME!


So… This is where you come in. I am looking to raise $150 (UPDATE) $500 for this great cause. I am asking you to to pledge whatever you can to help me reach my goal and contribute to my team.

You can find my Donation Page here

You can find out more about the cause and event here

Thank you for you love, help and support!


Maelys on an over night snowshoe trip to Chekamus Lake, Whistler (March 2018)
On an overnight trip with my old housemates to the Wendy Thompson Hut. Sam is in the background with Arno taking the photo  (25th December 2016)

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